Orthodontic Appliances

Expander/habit breaker

This is a combination appliance used to widen the top jaw and also discourage a habit such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.


An expander is used to widen the top jaw creating a larger bone to accommodate all the permanent teeth when they erupt and to minimize future crowding.


The springs on the sides are part of the FORSUS appliance therapy. They allow correction of an “overjet” in both adults and the later teenage years. The result is a better bite, a better smile and much improved facial aesthetics.

Habit Breaker


This is a tremendous tool for eliminating an “overjet” especially in growing children. When used at the right time, typically just before a major growth spurt, dramatic improvement to the bite, alignment of the teeth, the smile and jaw line are made. The patients gain so much confidence from all of this change but EARLY detection and well-timed use is the key.


This is a combination appliance designed to expand the top jaw while moving some back teeth in order to improve the relationship of the upper and lower biting surfaces. This is usually used with braces during full orthodontic treatment.

TAD (temporary anchorage device)

A TAD is a small pin that is used to literally make MAGIC! In the past, only surgery would have been an option of this patient but within 3 months, this pin with the rubber bands anchored to her braces has changed her bone height and improved her facial aesthetics and smile. She is thrilled and she still has much more improvement to come.


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